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    Annual report 2016

    We announce the release of the seventh edition of our Annual Report. In the year that we celebrate our 25th anniversary, this publication includes some of our most significant achievements and presents thoughts on the future and on how to offer a service that is ever more encompassing to our clients, bringing together all the capacity and expertise we have. The report features the participation of Nicola Clicchio Neto, President of Latin America at the consulting firm, McKinsey, who was invited to talk about the recent transformations in the business world that have taken place as a result of various economic, geopolitical, technological and cultural factors. Furthermore, this edition includes an article, “Transforming Crisis into Opportunity: a script for reforms to change Brazil”, by Fernando Luiz Abrucio, a Ph.D in political science, who graduated from Universidade de São Paulo and is the coordinator of a course on public administration at Fundação Getulio Vargas.

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    Relatório anual 2016

    Apresentamos a sétima edição de nosso Relatório anual. No ano em que celebramos 25 anos, a publicação aborda importantes realizações do escritório e, também, apresenta nossas reflexões sobre o futuro e como buscamos promover um atendimento cada vez mais abrangente aos nossos clientes, articulando toda a capacidade que temos.

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    At the World Economic Forum in January 2015, U.N. Women launched the HeForShe 10x10x10 Impact initiative to speed up the advancement of gender equality and empowerment of women in three fronts: companies, universities and governments. Each front must define its approach to combat gender inequality and the effectiveness of these interventions in other larger scale initiatives.